It has been 72 hours and I have not received my order?

In some circumstances, email providers will filter new correspondence into either the spam/junk, trash, or promotional folders. Please check these folders and search your email for orders@astrogifts.org.

If you still can’t locate your numerology reading, please contact us at orders@astrogifts.org. When ordering, you received a confirmation email & order number, quoting your order number will allow us to assist you faster. Orders are generally 72 hours, however as we operate within regular business hours, this may take three business days.

There was an error in my details: date of birth, time of birth, name, and birth city/country?

The title page or 2nd page of reports displays the details used for calculation. Birthday/Natal chart details are displayed on the 2nd page.

  • Incorrect date of birth:
    On the redemption checkout page, we request that the date of birth is provided in the following format: day/month/year (DD/MM/YYYY). Using any other format will result in an incorrect date of birth. To avoid this there is two dates of birth format confirmation boxes on the redemption checkout page. These display the requested format to ensure all customers understand & avoid any format errors.
    Immediately after redeeming orders@astrogifts.org will send a confirmation email containing a copy of your redemption order number & details.
  • My report has the wrong details:
    Unfortunately, due to costs incurred with each reading, we can’t accept responsibility for errors customers made during redemption. Please check your confirmation email to ensure the date of birth format is as requested, and correct information was supplied and not omitted. We are unable to provide Refunds or amendments cant be made in such instants.

If you have just submitted your order and realise you made an error in any of your details, please contact us immediately at orders@astrogifts.org. If your order has not been started can we can correct and update your redemption details.

Getting your report: How to redeem when using a voucher code.

How vouchers work:
*Please note: We are separate vouchers dealing with merchants such as Groupon. We have no access to their customer information or accounts.

To get your personalised reading you need to redeem it on our website, this is the process of providing your voucher code & details for report calculation. See voucher code identification & redemption steps below.

How to identify the correct voucher code
If you are unsure where to find your voucher code or are experiencing voucher code errors, please see the instructional link below:

Click Here for the Link

How to redeem your reading
To calculate a personalised reading, you need to redeem it on our website; this is where you enter the information necessary for report calculation. Please see the notes & steps below.

*Please note:
*if you have more than one voucher code each needs to be redeemed separately.
*Birth name refers to your full name at birth.
* Use either Am, PM or military time when providing the time of birth.
*Current name refers to the name you currently go by, i.e. the name you introduce yourself as (this includes maiden name and nicknames)

Please use the link & steps below:
Astrology Gifts

1. Add the report to the shopping cart. (note*multiple redemptions require redeeming one report/one voucher at a time).
2. Proceed to checkout
3. Enter the deal merchant voucher code enter it at checkout; this will reduce the price to zero.
4. Proceed and enter the recipient details for report calculation.

*If redeeming multiple readings, repeat this process for each voucher code. Multiple redemption orders can’t be processed simultaneously. Add one reading, its voucher code & recipient’s details then submit the order. Repeat this process for each reading you are redeeming.

Can I have the details of my report changed?

Unfortunately, we can’t change the redemption details or take any new information into account once an order has been started.

I don’t know my time of birth how will this affect my report?

Reports can still be calculated without a time of birth, however, providing an accurate time of birth will help improve the accuracy of readings.

I can’t manage to place an order or view my reading (technical problem)

If you are experiencing problems viewing your reading, please ensure you have PDF viewing software such as Adobe Reader installed on your device.

If you are trying to access the report attachment on a secure server such as a work computer, you may experience difficulties with the firewall or antivirus security. Please try to access your reading from a different personal device.

If you still experiencing difficulties, please contact us at orders@astrogifts.org.

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