Astrology Life Chakras Reading


★ Deepen your introspection and gain clear insights into how your inclinations and disinclinations affect your life.

★ Empower yourself with a comprehensive interpretation of each chakra and its relationship to your unique birth data.

★ Examine your personal tendency’s, perspective and attitude towards life, learn how they subtly shape your world view and choices

★ Discover which energies are most and least important to your Charka tree with a full solar analysis, uncover which points will most affect your life.

★ 15-20 pages of in-depth raw content examining the pure depths of you.


-100% personalised using your unique birth data.

-Delivered in PDF printable format, via email within 3 working days.

-High-Quality colour document in flexible PDF format, making it the perfect gift for on the go friends, family or lovers.


Astrology Life Chakras Reading



The life chakras reading analyses the chakra from an astrological perspective. The chakras are energy centres usually pictured as coloured force centres along the spine, starting from Muladhara Chakra(Saturn) moving up the spine to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. However, what is often forgotten is although the Chakras are often pictured as coloured force centres along the spine of the body, they are in fact areas of life outside our physical self. Each Chakra holds powerful astrological connections, for example, the Jupiter Chakra, often depicted as an orange force centre in the lower spine, refers to our entire life path, career and natural rules of the world. These astronomical connections allow for individual calculations for each Chakra which can be interpreted through the lens of your Birth Chart. The techniques in your Life Chakras reading are based on interpreting the “heart and skeleton” of the solar system and each planets precise inclinations and disinclinations relation to you, a method first described in Chakra writing which became later became widely accepted by many advanced astrology teachers. 


The Life Chakras reading includes an analysis of the 7 Chakras as well their relationship to outer planets and their overall orientation to the entire solar system. This method of astronomical analysis is made of the nodal and skeletal structure of the entire solar system, reducing these points to our indicates our inclinations and disinclinations in life. Unlike many chakra-orientated techniques, this reading is not all abstract, offering deep yet often unvarnished insights focused more so the heart’s essence and less on personality, giving a better understanding of how inclinations, disinclinations, attitudes and perspectives influence us. This in-depth analysis allows for a planet by planet analysis relative to your Charka tree, providing unique insights into spirituality, motivation, transformation, stability, values, career and more. 


Life Chakras Reading vs Natal & Birthday Forecast

The Life Chakras report uses a method of astronomical analysis that is made of the nodal and skeletal structure of the entire solar system, analysing and interpreting each Chakra point by viewing it through the lens of your Birth Chart. This provides in-depth and unvarnished insights, which are powerful but can often be raw hidden truths. The Natal and birthday forecast is a stand-alone reading which makes no interpretations to the Chakral connections. Instead, it conducts an astrological analysis of your Natal chart information and solar forecast. The life Chakras reading is an excellent addition to the Natal & birthday forecast as it focuses on inclinations and disinclinations as well as attitudes and perspectives, providing raw insights



Life Chakras Reading vs the Numerology Report

The Numerology report contains Numerical analysis of your personality however it does not focus on inclinations, disinclinations and perspective, in many ways, it is describing who you are but not why you are inclined towards somethings and not towards others. The life Chakras report examines these deeper areas from an Astrological perspective, making it an excellent addition to this report as it gives an alternative discipline perspective on your personal readings.


Life Chakras Reading vs the Life Path Report

The Life Chakras reading analyses the chakra energy centres from an astrological perspective interpreting them through the lens of your birth chart. It focuses on the deep hidden self, personality and inclinations and disclinations. In contrast, the Life Path reading focuses on the broader aspect of your life journey and the interplay between personality and cosmic patters. It emphasises life opportunities, romance, career/business and alternative approach suited to both your path and personality StarType.

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