Life Path Report


Discover which vocations are suited to your unique qualities and a happier life approach.

Learn how cosmic patterns intersect your natal chart, forming your personality StarType core abilities and influencing your life path.

Empower your understanding with an assessment of your StarType in the areas of personality, career, business, money, luck, opportunities and relationships.

 Advance your understanding from the Numerology and Natal/birthday forecast readings with this stand-alone in-depth guide.

 20-25 pages of full personalized in-depth analysis to expand your introspection and prepare you for life’s Journey.

-100% personalized using your unique birth data.

-Delivered in PDF printable format, via email within 3 working days.

-High-Quality color document in flexible PDF format, making it the perfect gift for on the go friends, family or lovers.


Life Path Report


Can the Life Path Report tell you if you are on the right path in life and career? 

The Astrology life path report examines the areas of vocation and life approach, providing interpretations into personality qualities, opportunities and career possibilities naturally suited to your unique qualities. The Astrology life path reading does this by interpreting how cosmic patterns intersect with your Natal chart, allowing us to identify your personality StarType, providing insights into your unique life journey(i.e your life path).

All our lives can be summarized in the form of a few general archetypes (StarTypes), these Heavenly patterns are associated with certain qualities that individuals act out in their day-to-day lives.

By analyzing your life path report through the lens of your unique Natal information powerful interpretations can be made about your Life Path, offering insights into your life approach, inclinations, disinclinations, opportunities, career, and business.

This report also examines your core abilities, helping present a natural approach and alternatives suited to your Life Path. Engineer your approach to life, invest in a Life Path reading today and embrace the alternatives of tomorrow.

A colorful pathway representing a Life Path Report
Life Path Report

Astrology Life Path report vs Natal & birthday forecast

The Natal & birthday forecast examines and interprets your Natal information, however, it does not examine how this fits with the bigger cosmic picture and your unique StarType. Looking at your StarType in conjunction with your Natal chart will allow you to understand alternative and a more natural, happier approach to life and career.

The Life Path report will give a very brief intro into the impact of your life path numbers, master number, and natal information and focus on the interaction between this and your Star Type. For the ultimate guide, this report is supplemented with the Astrology Birth chart analysis & Natal solar return report. Together these provide an invaluable guide to your life’s blueprint.


What’s the difference between a Life Path Report and the Numerology Report?

The numerology reading provides a numerical analysis of your life path and gives a brief interpretation of your overall life path from the perspective of Numerology.

This is less focused on vocation and is more general, additionally, the numerology chart differs from Astrology-based reports as the focus is on significant numbers which are unique to your birth information.

In contrast, Astrology based report focus on astrological calculations and predictions based on the heavens and how they relate to your unique birth data.

The Astrology Life path report is a stand-alone report and an in-depth Life Path report, however, you could also choose to supplement the Numerology reading with it to give you an in-depth analysis of your life path with the benefit of dual perspectives from both sciences.

It is one of the most powerful tools that an astrologer can use to gain insight into and interpret the meaning the stars have attached to somebody’s personal life path number.

So if you are looking for more insight, don’t hesitate in finding out what your life path report can reveal.

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