• 20 pages of full personalized, in-depth analysis to expand your introspection
  • Discover your natural talents, hidden self, personality strengths, and weakness.
  • Provides overviews of business, job, and social skills as well as relationships.
  • Advance your understanding from the Natal/birthday forecast and Life path readings with this stand-alone in-depth personality guide

-100% personalized using your unique birth data.

-Delivered in PDF printable format, via email within 3 working days.

-High-Quality color document in flexible PDF format, making it the perfect gift for on the go friends, family, or lovers.





A StarType isolates the most robust and most pronounced pattern in effect at the moment of your birth, this cosmic pattern or archetype is your StarType. These cosmic patterns interact with your unique natal chart, forming your personality startype archetype. Startypes are determined by outer circumstances such as personality and Karma, but are also internal and spiritual qualities embedded in that same moment, your inner motivation, called your Dharma or Life Path.

A StarType analysis

provides a complete perspective on your birth moment, with insights into your natural talents and alternative opportunities, as well as your relationship role with partners, romantic and otherwise, providing a detailed insight into the kind of individual and approach to life.

Your StarType is more than just your personality and the circumstances in which you happen to find yourself; it describes who you are at heart, your hidden self, and your possibilities. In other words, it represents your personality and perspective, as well as your life approach. This stand-alone report focus strictly on your StarType, unlike the Natal/birthday forecast, Life path, and Chakras readings, this report’s sole focus is on your StarType, offering you a comprehensive analysis of your StarType.

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