Tantric Numerology

Tantric Numerology – The Powerful Truth of 1-10

What is tantric numerology?

Tantric numerology is an ancient Indian practice. We use it to gain insight into your life, friendships and relationships. The word tantra comes from the Sanskrit root tan, meaning to stretch, extend, or expand.
It is often used to refer to a system of beliefs and practices that aim to expand consciousness and create a state of oneness with the universe.
It originates from the Hindu tradition but has been adapted and practised by many different cultures.
It is a system of numerology said to have been developed by the sages of ancient India during the Vedic period.
It’s based on a system of beliefs and practices which use numbers to create a state of oneness with the universe.
Like other forms of numerology, it’s based on the belief that numbers help us access hidden knowledge and connect with the divine.
But, tantric numerology differs from other forms of numerology. It focuses on the mystical and spiritual aspects of numbers. Similar to Babylonian Numerology, it is an ancient practice.

What’s the main difference between Tantric numerology and other numerology systems?

It is similar in many ways to a traditional numerology reading.Tantric numerology takes into account the vibrational energy of numbers.
While other systems of numerology only take into account the meaning of numbers. A Tantric numerology reading uses a different method of calculation.

Advocates for this form of numerology claim these teachings contain more accurate information. About the Universe and its laws. And so increase the accuracy of a tantric numerology reading”.
In contrast. Other numerology systems only consider the meaning of numbers in their calculations & interpretations.

The four main types of Tantric numerology.

Some compare these to the four basic elements of fire, water, air, and earth.
Regardless of the type. In Tantric numerology reading, all involve using numbers to understand and interpret the world around us.
We base the first type on the energy of the numbers and their vibrations.
This type of numerology is helpful in understanding the hidden meaning of numbers. It’s used for divination purposes.
It focuses on using numbers to understand the energy of people and situations.
We can use these to help us make decisions about relationships, friendships, and other aspects of our lives.
The second type on the sound of the numbers.
This is helpful for understanding the hidden meaning of numbers. Including for meditative purposes.
The third type on the shape of the numbers.
This can be helpful in understanding the hidden meaning of numbers and we use it for sacred geometry purposes.
The fourth type on the colour of the numbers.
This aids you in discovering the hidden meaning of numbers and can be used for chakra work. Chakra numerology uses numbers to understand the energy centres in our bodies.
This system can help us balance our energy and create a sense of well-being. The Chakra system is one of the most popular. It uses the numbers 1-9 to represent different areas of your life.
Each number has a different meaning. By understanding these meanings, you can learn more about yourself and your relationships.
Regardless of the type of Tantric numerology used. A tantric numerology reading can help us understand the vibrational energy of numbers. And to elevate our consciousness and create positive change in our lives.
It also helps us to understand our life path, and bring unity to our bodies and minds. It is truly one of the best astrology gifts that the universe has to offer.
The tantric numerology reading helps you to understand the vibration of numbers. This teaches you about your own personal energy and how it interacts with others.
Knowing the vibration of our partner’s or friends’ numbers can help us understand them and guide us on how to interact with them.
It can aid us in creating deeper, more meaningful relationships.

How to calculate tantric numerology?

Every number has a unique vibration that can be used to understand the energies at play in a given situation.
There are a variety of methods to numbers in a tantric numerology reading.
Common methods of how to calculate tantric numerology. These include using the person’s birth date. using the person’s name, and using the person’s birth time.
How Does Tantric Numerology Work 
The birth date method for how to calculate tantric numerology uses the numbers from 1-9.
Each number relates to a planet.
1 is the Sun,
2 is the Moon,
3 is Jupiter,
4 is Rahu,
5 is Mercury,
6 is Venus,
7 is Ketu,
8 is Saturn
9 is Mars.
The next step is to calculate the numbers associated with each planet.
To do this, add together all the digits in the birth date.
For example, if someone was born on February 14, 1975, you would add 2+1+4+1+9+7+5 to get 29.
Then, reduce the number you get by adding its digits together until you get a single digit. So, in our example, 2+9=11 and 1+1=2. So, the number associated with the planet Mercury is 2.
Once you have calculated the numbers associated with each planet, you can begin to interpret their meaning.
The name method of how to calculate tantric numerology uses the Sanskrit alphabet to calculate the numbers.
Each method has its own unique way of calculating the numbers. The most important thing to remember is that the numbers are a guide and interpretation can vary.
Tantric numerology number meanings & Tantric numerology compatibility
People often wonder about Tantric numerology number meanings
What is “tantric numerology compatibility?
Tantric numerology” uses the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
Tantric numerology number meanings associate with the tantric tradition.
number 1 represents the absolute reality, t
number 2 represents the duality of reality,
number 3 represents the trinity of reality,
number 4 represents the stability of reality,
number 5 represents the changeability of reality,
number 6 represents the harmony of reality,
number 7 represents the manifestation of reality,
number 8 represents the infinity of reality,
number 9 represents the completion of reality
Tantric numerology compatibility is the study of the vibrational energy of numbers to determine compatibility between people.
Each number has its own unique energy, meaning, strength, and weakness. These help us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship.
Tantric numerology compatibility of the numbers 1, 2, and 3 are more compatible with each other.
In contrast, the Tantric numerology compatibility of the numbers 4, 5, and 6 is less compatible.
This is because the numbers 1, 2, and 3 are more spiritual, while the numbers 4, 5, and 6 are more materialistic.
The number 7 is the most spiritual number, while the number 8 is the most materialistic.
We can use tantric numerology to improve relationships. By understanding the energies of each individual. Also by using that knowledge to create more harmony between the two people.

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